Lacchery, industrial progress

Lacchery, like any concept or object, can have two things that are good and bad, can be used correctly and used for comfort and welfare, or from another and immoral aspect in order to display the financial potency that is well-liked is not.
Contrary to the unpredictable economic situation in the world and Iran, the industry is on the rise. How to make lacquer products in different groups has its own definition. For example in Wood and Furniture Industry How to build in design and implementation handwriting Considering the time process, the product will be produced. Meanwhile, in recent years, the country has witnessed the development or even import of a variety of CNC machines that sell similar goods to handmade products with much lower and shorter time and are sold at much lower prices. Items that may not have been carefully manufactured.
It should be noted that high-quality manufacturing is one of the key factors in separating lacquer products from the rest of the production.
We should remember: only the price, the value of a product Lacchini And expensive is just one of the Lacchetti indexes, which, unfortunately, because of the deflection in the language of today's people, call anything expensive, called "lucrey," it is necessary, however, to have goods that have hours to design and build It also has a high cost of living.


Today, one of the most popular types of furniture,comfort furniture it counts. Due to the variety of designs and models you can easily decorate your home. comfort furniture Includes sofa, marble counter, honey table, TV desk, dining table, chairs, mirror, console and modern showcase.
One of the most beautiful examples of sofas are models that are combined with wood The name of the wooden sofa Are famous. Due to the Style & Design This model is customizable at any home. If you use woodwork in your home decoration and do not have the necessary space and conditions to buy classic furniture and steel, your best choice can be wooden furniture for you.
In most cases, the wood used in this type of furniture is dark-colored. For example, if the furniture is dark, the furniture will usually choose a sofa-colored cloth, and if the color of the wood is bright, it will usually choose a dark-colored fabric sofa. The use of white in the production of comfortable furniture is also very attractive and the sofas are white in color with any corrugation.
In some styles this furniture is used only in the bases or facade of the wood furniture. Dining tables and chairs are also part of a wooden sofa. The dining table, if it is softened, will make your home decoration beautiful. By choosing this type of furniture along with the natural sense of wood at home, you have made beautiful decorations for your home.

Curtains in interior decoration

Choosing a curtain plays a significant role in the interior decoration of the home. Sex, color, design and that Blind What is the place to be chosen depends on your taste and taste. Choosing bright colors will undoubtedly show the house bigger than what it is. So, we need to design decor and curtains so that when they enter our home, we do not judge them badly, and according to their observation, a general mentality of our personality forms in the mind of the audience. So, better, this mentality is positive. . Reception rooms and living rooms are one of the most important parts of our home that we spend most of the day, sometimes the curtains in the home remodeling also help make the house look better.
Using Blind We can reduce or increase our indoor lighting in the day, or by using the curtain, we can control the look of our home and protect our privacy in the home.
Good people know that the curtains should be chosen in such a way as to design color They are decorated with their homes. As a result, when buying and choosing a curtain, keep in mind that the curtains fit with your furniture, rugs and boards.
If you want, you can create an impressive spatial contrast. Set the color white color Such as red, blue, and ... can create an infinitely stylish and impressive space. So you do not have everything tricky and colorful, with a little bit of patience and your own home-grown taste. Be careful, the easier your choices will be, the more effective it will be.
Now curtain For which part of the house is chosen, there is a debate.

Choosing a carpet

Choosing Carpet and use it as one of the elements of decoration is one of the important things that the beauty and the proportion of home decoration depend heavily. What kind of carpet for which decoration is to choose from, or what area of ​​the carpet covers, are important factors that are often mistakenly chosen by people. For example, a carpet used for modern decoration is very different from other styles of decoration. But one thing is common in all styles, not laying any object other than the front desk on the carpet, even the foot The furniture should not be placed on the carpet and should be about 10 cm away from the carpet. As a result, you can choose the appropriate carpet area with the dimensions of the space used and considering the above point.