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We design, produce and supply the best of our products, including: furniture, dinnerware, sleeping services, buffet, vitrein, mirror, console and ... We know the best materials for our respectable compatriots and the need for them to buy similar goods from abroad. . We are committed to constantly enjoying our past experience. By combining creativity and art with the use of the abilities of the Iranian art professors in the furniture industry, we create new and innovative ideas that fit our fit for the present and with several years of experience in light of the style. Classical, modern and modern classics, always and at any moment in your service. This slogan is within our organization: (Always always progressive quality always consistent with the day) Our expertise is to offer the finest in furniture, furnishings and curtains, wood exterior and decorative bronze, chandelier and .... We are very pleased to be able to give our experiences as consultants to our compatriots. Also, please compare the diversity and quality of our products with other Iranian and foreign brands, advising the Rocky Furniture Group to upgrade its capabilities.

In the Raykagroup, we try to become the national pride of every Iranian by becoming an Iranian brand.

The goals and policy of the RaykaGallery:

Enhance the satisfaction of dear customers by utilizing the highest quality of services and products

Taking advantage of world-class technologies and high quality raw materials.

Unique, classic and modern design

Implementing all projects by cost and time control method to maintain the resources of dear customers.

Attracting Customers and Trusting Customers

Continuing Education, Promoting Technical Knowledge and Training a Specialist and Associate in the RaykaGallery

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