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What is wood wood products Imported or domestic?

The most common types of wood used in RaykaGallery products are Georgian beech wood, and some of our products are used in the range of walnut wood, alder, and malachi on our dear customers.

What is the difference between the price of beech wood and walnut?

The price of beech and walnut wood is not very different and does not have a significant impact on the amount of furniture or ….

What is the type and type of fabric of furniture and the requirement to buy fabric from the store?

Most of the fabrics used in the RaykaGallery, velvet fabrics and chanel are Turkish or used in Italian and English fabrics. For the sake of prosperity, dear customers have made it possible to purchase the area of ​​the fabric of the products purchased from the seller and to buy and deliver the fabrics to the store to design the furniture in accordance with their own taste.

Delivery time for custom tasks?

Rick’s Furniture Gallery products are ready for delivery due to a specific process of production and customization in the period of 40 to 70 days in proportion to the type of purchased goods, this set retains its commitment to product quality and never changes the quality of the delivery date. And we ask our customers not to request this from Rayka collection.

What is the percentage of discounts for existing and custom work?

The RaykaGallery is a special discount for all dormitory purchasers in all seasons, which only provides discounts when ordering orders.

Change the color of the fabric and wood and even change the composition of the furniture service?

One of the most important RaykaGallery services is to change the color of wood and cloth, and even customers can customize the composition of the furniture to their taste and enjoy their new layout with the choice of colors and fabric at home.

What kind of carving is handmade or a car?

All products are in the process of producing this collection in a traditional way and is prepared by the carpenter and the embroidered works of this collection.

Is there a possibility to change the input for work?

No, but we offer this service to our customers in the form of custom products, due to the ability of this collection to design and manufacture such products.

Is there a possibility to change the number of store sets according to our home space?

You can have any changes in the number of furniture and furniture in Rica. You can even create a new mix of furniture according to your taste.

Is it possible to change mattresses from the height of the furniture?

No, because of compliance with a set of standards by the RaykaGallery in the manufacturing process, such changes are not considered to be fundamental changes because of the standard state of the product and not in terms of the final quality approved by the RaykaGallery, So please do not ask all customers for such requests.

Why is the fabric so cheaper than a wooden sofa?

All fabric furniture is due to the process of making it easier and cheaper in the form of serialization. However, the models made by the RaykaGallery are relatively high due to the customization and development of the price, which is why the expensive furniture is not all-cloth, why The quality of these unique custom products is far higher and is not comparable to that of the Iranian furniture market.

Can you see the stages of construction work?

At RaykaGallery, almost everything is free. One of the freedoms we provide to our dear customers is that after the ordering, they can coordinate with the store and see their work at the Rayka Center at every stage.

Are domestic products or imported?

We are proud to announce that all products in this collection are manufactured with grade 1 materials and are supplied to our beloved country.

Why is the price of the work higher than the other stores?

In order to produce a product that can compete with foreign products, it is necessary to use high quality raw materials, as well as the force that can work with these raw materials and produce it in traditional ways of higher quality than the old, is very expensive. The prices are slightly higher because of the quality and after-sales service of these products.

Are the images inside the site real?

Yes, all the images inside the site are real and the products you see on the site are from the RaykaGallery. Most of the photos are taken by a skilled photographer and specialist in the RaykaGallery so that the color and angle of the photographs are the best way to view the furniture you are looking for and do not differ from the furniture made by the RaykaGallery.

What are the conditions for assigning a reseller?

So far, RaykaGallery has no representative anywhere in Iran, and has not planned this sector in its plans. We intend to maintain and control prices and direct supply of products to the consumer in the form of chain stores. We offer.

What are the terms of sale and delivery for city customers?

Unfortunately, in order to control the quality in the sales and after-sales service, the supply of products is only possible in the RaykaGallery located in Tehran, hoping the day we can have a branch in all major cities of Iran to sell and service thereafter. For compatriots.
The conditions of posting the goods after the preparation of the products with a special package, together with insurance and car roof is sent to the customer when it is delivered to the cost.

Is there a possibility to access the full catalog of product prices?

No, the best way to see the latest photos is to subscribe to our social networking sites, or to login to the RaykaGallery site. Price information is only available upon request at the RaykaGallery.

We were able to answer all your questions perfectly?

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