Golden Services

Painting, carpentry and decorating:

The Rayka Furniture Group consists of a team specializing in the following: painting, carpentry and decorating various types of furniture ready to provide repair services to our customers. Consumables including: foam, cold foam, cotton, viscose, cloud and more. The urethane plant and the paintwork with a variety of patina with a polyurethane coating that has a high resistance to all kinds of rays of sunlight and also acid rain. (More detailed description in the blog section)

The Rayka Furniture Group, for the sake of ease and well-being of our customers, has taken a telegram to enable customers to send their photographs of their furniture and wooden artifacts that request to repair them at a precise price from our specialists in this regard. Please help us out and explain your request. (+989038938780)



All of our products are custom-made and custom-made for a certain length of time, according to the customer’s requirements, the dimensions of the home or the workplace, and the type of use can be resized, colored, and fabricated.

Insurance and Guaranteed Carriage

All products manufactured and sold by each RaykaGallery after the final inspection and inspection are packed in a package of various coatings that include both dust and dust entering during shipment or at Store location.

Transportation of goods is performed by experienced personnel of this collection or sometimes by valid and contracting parties. In each of these two methods, the representative of this collection is present at the time of delivery and work in full health at the place and according to taste. Customers are tailor-made and satisfy our beloved customer satisfaction. The cost of sending, insuring goods and carrying goods is the responsibility of the customer.

All cars are in possession of a cargo letter and insurance insurance during transportation.