Golden Warranty

Greetings and Regards

Dear customers, All products purchased from the Rayka Furniture Gallery are provided with warranties and after sales services. During the warranty period, all services are free of charge for possible defects that are identified by the company’s experts, and after the end of this time with the receipt The cost of the service will be available.

The Rayka Furniture Group, based on its history of production and aware of its problems, is trying to satisfy its customers and the most important factor after selling the quality products of the Rayka Furniture Gallery is to each of our dear customers, Golden Services It is a sale of this collection that distinguishes us from other manufacturers.

Considering that all products manufactured by the Rayka Furniture Factory are manufactured and used by the first grade raw materials in the market, which, after selection and review by the experts, have entered into the process and have a skilled and skilled team of experienced staff We produce and deliver the final product to the consumer, guaranteeing our products as the golden Rick’s warranty.

Warranty period: 5 years

36 months warranty of raw materials (foam and sponge)

60 Months Main Warranty Guarantee (Undercarriage Springs)

Items that include Garnet:

The main coil, foam and sponge (undercut armor), the color of all manufactured products

Items that do not include Garnet:

Glass, electrical appliances and fabrics used in products (due to the importation of used fabrics and, in some cases, the buyer buys fabric from elsewhere), injuries and lesions resulting from non-standard transportation, contact with water, chemical fluids, impacts And falling, placing the goods in an environment with extreme humidity and returning the work to an environment without moisture (causing serious damage), sunlight, direct heat, or before co-ordination with the Rayka Furniture Collection. Repairs are to be carried out by unauthorized persons approved by this collection. It does not include natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and fires, etc. (All warranties without the cost of this collection are canceled he does)

For your comfort, please take advantage of the golden warranty and our services, if necessary, at the earliest opportunity, with the Rayka Furniture Gallery.

Note: If our customer does not meet the warranty requirements, all warranty services will be available at full cost of repairs and shipping costs.

Note: The repair time is variable, so the time after the return of the goods is given to the respectable buyers for the first repair and initial inspection. (In the event that the cost is borne by the buyer, before any repairs are agreed with our beloved customers)

In the end, the customer will be able to provide all the services of the Rayka Furniture Gallery after the end of the set time.