Rayka’s meaning

The question many people are asking us and our answer to them is just Rayka’s meaning, which is now, according to the meanings of the Dehkhoda dictionary, means “popular”, “desirable”, which is also heard and used as a word of Rica.

In essence, this term is an ancient Persian word that is from the names of the people of the north of the Iranian Empire in the area where the Scythians lived. The Scythians were warrior people on the periphery of the Caspian Sea, who always raped Iran’s territory, after reaching to power, Darius Achaemenid trooped the army and conquered the area and made that area one of the provinces of Iran. Later, the area in the popular language Tabarestan (not Tabarestan), the term “beloved boy”, “lovely boy”, which the inhabitants of Tabarstan or the current Mazandran, with the removal of A, changed the term in the usual way, ie, Rika.

Currently, there are approximately 110 people with the name Rayka in life (this figure is until 94), and this name is one of the names used both for girls and boys.

But is the root of the Rayka word only in Farsi and its only meaning in Farsi? Well, the interesting point here is that the word also means in several other languages, and the more interesting thing is that its meanings are similar in Persian.

For example, in Russian it means “Paradise Brein” or when you “call the dearest and most beloved person”.

Or in English, the word is used as the name for girls, the root of which the word in Spanish is “Raeka”, which means the woman is beautiful and unique.

In the Greek language, “rhâion (ῥᾷον)” means “more tranquility” or “radïos (ραδϊος) reïstos (ρεϊστος”), which means “unpopular”.

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